Saturday, October 21, 2006

Simply Amazing

Chote chote sahron se, khali bore dupaharo se...
hum to jhola utha ke chale...hum chale hum chale...ramchandra hoy!!
nadiyan kam kam lagti hai, baarish madhyam lagti hai...
hum samandar/waterfall ke andar chale..
Guess what...another long trip...ofcourse we can't have a trip longer then a day...but when the whole day we are on bike...its simply it was one more waterfall...last one was hanuman it was Kudlu...the ride was good but there had been incidents...sam going to the opposite side and then not getting the fuel...thank god that i reminded was not far away when, while overtaking a bus from the right...i was almost banged...went up to a pebble hill along the road...but then back to the road...the good roads are good to ride...but today i realized it also feel good at times to ride on the bad roads with lot of pebbles and mud...thoda psychology ho jaye...sometimes its good to go on the difficult paths...sometimes the bridges will be very narrow...sometimes you can't carry anyone with you and you need to move alone...but life goes on...bas bas abhi ke liye itna kafi we went ahead...a trek of around 1 hr...suddenly back to outbound days...but what we witnessed after that much trouble was something which cannot be explained...let me try...around 200 fts waterfall over our head at its full blow with its vapor and droplets coming to our face...ofcourse we went into the water...neck deep water and slippery rocks...but belive me for a minute i felt like am i still alive or am in heaven...i did forget about the world for that particular moment and believe me that is worth remembering...i just felt like saying "this is life". So now on our way hurt...a small cut on the leg...but that's the fun...the ride back was good but not to forget pain in the ass...anyways all in all it was our way of celebrating diwali...away from our home but close to nature with our friends...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We are convicts

Yes we did it!!! finally after all the hard work and slogging we are finally in the jail!!! ya m serious...we have committed some grave crimes...crimes like thinkging of liberty, free thoughts, education etc etc. Gone were the days when some educated people bought us our people are trying to behave in a exact opposite seems more education makes you more confine to your boundaries and this is not mental boundaries but the actual walls of cement. In our thoughts we may be asked to be liberal and to adopt a "global" view but as far as our body is concerned we are allowed to move within 2 kms radius of such beautiful place called manipal. Even if heaven is small it will be diffcult to be there for too long without going out once in a while. We should celebrate our festivals with our friends, ya we should but what about our parents with whom we have a little longer relationships, is it possible for everybody to get placed in their home town, definitely not. What should they do, wait for that perfect year when he can meet his parents on diwali, bow down to take thier "ashirvad", if so called educated people think it is still important..we are indians and have some family ties..some people don't seem to understand at all...i thought 100 percent attendance is for the classes...didn't know that hold good also for holidays...attendance in hostels...Ha!!! Can we call the whole education system a hypocricy.