Thursday, June 22, 2006

One year in TAPMI

This one year had been the most amazing experience of my life…a whole new paradigm…a whole new world…atleast not too much similar to the world I was accustomed to or in other words the world I was brought up in…it has been a truly learning experience as far as life at TAPMI is concerned…not much so academically but more on the overall development per se…Actually this one year have shown me places, make me meet a lot of different people, adjust to different circumstances and believe me this is the best time to write on this topic as I am sitting at home now at the same time when I was in TAPMI last year and now its very easy to compare and contrast the two lives… Let me start from the start as far as I can remember, I can try my best anyways…the induction, lot of insecurities and complexes and more so confused as far as I remember with people worrying about the placements from the first day, people like me were more so worried about the communication skills and that I remember distinctly…I was concerned about it a lot and made the conscious effort to overcome that and to a large extent able to achieve that….induction over…fresher’s party, episode, another extravaganza, can be regarded as over emphasizing but it was truly a big event and more so enjoyable…interaction between seniors and juniors…haan it helped….and then the life started moving….college, hostel, mess and manipal…these four had been the pillars around which the 140 people were seen running, some quietly and slowly and some with distinct pace…a hell lot of discipline…no doubt it is must for working hard and more so better but it get onto ur head sometimes and when u feel like breaking free and running away from it and then u feel the need of ur home… I was trying my best to secure good marks but somehow got this fitted in my mind that marks doesn’t matter too much and I realized that its true…there is life more than the books and the marks....there is life by playing volley ball, by reading fiction, by dancing in parties, looking smart and more so talking smartly…all these were somehow missing in my life…I was kept aloof of all this things from my childhood…I feel like that I have grown up 5 years in the last 1 year and that’s the biggest achievement and smartness came along with it…I feel happy when people say that I am smarter now…it really feels good than a million complements on your studies… So we are back to the college after 15 days, a long 5th theme waiting for us, supposingly the toughest and the most important theme of our course, it was good working in the 5th theme and those 3 months had made me see lot of changes in my life, I started taking a lot of initiative in the group work and end up being one of the few hardworking persons in my group, I somehow enjoyed doing the group work more then my individual work, the group work give me a sense of responsibility and a sense of satisfaction on fulfillment of same, I turned out to the financial manager of my group, with almost all financial assignment being assigned to me, even I think I am best at that only…I don’t mind either…these theme was important in more than one ways…I got my best friends in TAPMI, Sandy and Kavi, no doubt there had been a lot of misunderstandings between us on lot of trivial issues but I think we have been able to sort that out, though not comfortably, we had really great fun, we went to a lot of places and believe me this 3 months had been amazing. The 5th theme made me a lot more confident and a hard working person, but one thing still missing is focus in my life, I still can’t decide how to decide what I want to decide, that sentence itself show how indecisive I am…finance that comes as a default, beyond that I don know…I have been regarded as the finance champ of the college, I don know how much of that I deserve…this makes me really nervous but I think that would be always there, the pressure to perform more than u have got and than do it with hard work and zeal, I took one class and believe me it gave me immense confidence, I talked continuously for 1.5 hrs in front of say 20 people, that had been amazing experience making me now that teaching is one of my hobby… So here again comes the holiday time, girls are off for outbound and we are moving to our home, 7 days in home, I took a flight this time, my first flying experience, it has been a another amazing experience, when the flight was crossing the clouds I couldn’t stop myself from giving a A+ to that picturesque scene, more so at the time of coming back when the flight was just above Bangalore with well lighted streets, it was as if u are moving above several stars, stars of different colours, city lights had never been so beautiful…so another 1 month waiting for us in college before we move on to do our summer training and go back to college to finish the course…I would get a job, I would be earning money if 1 year from now…that would be the beginning of another endless battle, another fight for superiority, competition and making sense out of my life…this had been another peaceful 1 month with life now getting adjusted to manipal and TAPMI. We are a bunch of 140 people who running together from one pole to another, it all looks so fancy, so phony, everybody try to be so friendly with each other, so familiar so comfortable, I doubt whether it exist at that level or its just a temporary phase. We have seen the placements and the convocation of the seniors. They came here, lived their life here for 2 long years and then everybody parted with last minute photographs and the sweet memories in their heart. They didn’t know that how many of them would meet again and where…with 24 hrs of being together to complete break off… I could see myself at that position 1 year down the line, lot of people may want to run away from these place to their respective priorities but not me for sure, I am enjoying best of my life and actually living my life here so even a thought of leaving the place make me think twice… So I am off to Mumbai, all set to experience the corporate life…the much talked about corporate life…there has been a hell lot of comparisons made between the education and the work place but u should experience it to feel it…u would keep working and keep wondering how much of ur education is making sense to the work u r doing…life is beyond PPTs and deadlines…my work here had been highly unsatisfactory, with not much to learn and enjoy…I tried my best to fulfill my aim of doing something great but somehow it couldn’t worked out, in the end I was able to do the job expected of me but to my utter dissatisfaction. If I leave aside the wagaries of my work, I think Mumbai had been a really great experience and I sincerely believe it would act as a practice for my future stay in Mumbai and then these would really come handy, m more self dependent and responsible after my stay in Mumbai…there had been quite a few unexpected things that happened during this two months which are worth remembering…so finally at home…there has been changes, people have changed a bit, place is changed a bit, my priorties have been changed, my spending habit has been changed and at best my approach has changed, m more open and assertive now…a little smarter (yeh mai nahin kehta log kehte hai bhai!) and more fulfilled and happy human being, this 10 days stay have shown me that if I wouldn’t be there I would have been joined some company doing a 9 to 9 job with ll or no time for myself. A lot of obligations and restrictions in the house need not be mentioned. I would have missed a lot of things which I have otherwise seen and experience in this one year. Who would have imagined that I would 200 Kms on the bike or dance parties or to sit with people who are “bewras” or in other words “social drinkers”…there has been changes no doubt and of course for the better…I owe it to TAPMI…


Blogger Sandeep Acharya said...

I hope u know that communication skills is incusive of writing skills which u seem to b sorely lacking in ur stupid blog.. consider making it smaller or briefer next time.. haha just kidding re.. u knw me na.. great blog.. admire ur patience to write so much and pretty well!!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Nisha Prakash said...

Having known the author for the last one year, I am taking the privilege of commenting on his blog. This is a relentless hardworker you are reading about and he just never gives up. He is on an ever improvement spree!

I think the real definition of bravery is accepting ones weakness and working on it. This guy deserves a 9 on 10! I am happy that you put in the effort to express your fight. Keep up the excellent work.

12:35 AM  
Blogger Bulbul Gopalani said...

wow... ur blog has shown a new side to u... keep it up buddy. i m looking forward to more posts.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Aarthisundari Jayakumar said...

Hey .. Really good one .. It is interesting to note that realisation that you have gone through ..Many might go through life without taking note of the same ...

Congrats and hope you life only gets better from here for you ...

All the Best !!!

2:13 AM  
Blogger rt said...

hey CA, well dont enjoy calling u anything else..
gud post..
keep it up!!
everybody has noticed the changes in u as u said but realising it urself is the biggest achievement!!
u really show the spirit of learning new things..
keep blogging!

10:21 PM  

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