Saturday, September 09, 2006

Why it is the way it is…

Ofcourse this is my personal thoughts but I would like to ask why the people are the way they are…this is purely dependent on the people I have seen in the last few days…the best days of my life till now…they say its about finance…its about marketing…its about HR…but I think its about people…it is surely about people…that world does not exist where you can try to find the meaning of “One man Army”…u would simply end up doing everything and then wondering why u have done all that…and then you won’t have a reason for that…there can be a state where you succeed by working alone and on the other hand there can be a state where you succeed with 10 people around you…which is more satisfying…just give it a thought…is it so difficult…but who are this 10 people who are around you…do you have a choice of them…sometimes may be…most of the times no…you may want all these 10 people to be selfdriven and motivated…who are like you…who thinks like you…but is it possible given the fact that each and every human being have its own way to do things…some people are like those who just don wanna let others count on them…they just make it impossible…even if you try to trust them they would make it sure that u don’t…ofcourse they have the reasons to do so…the noble fact of being away from responsibilities…then there are people who try to succeed in whatever is done around them with a pride which the sun would be having being the center of the universe…but they don show the brightness which sun emit…they just can’t lead by example…which if they get…believe me would be difficult to compete with…then there are some poor souls who try to fix everything up…be reasonable to everything and everybody…try to do their best…try to make things better for everybody and then ready to be blamed by somebodies of these everybodies…ya I didn’t use “poor” with these souls just like that…these poor souls do succeed…may take a ll longer but for this poor souls the only happiness lies in doing their best in what ever they do…they like to lead by example…they don mind pulling up their sleeves to get their hands dirty…they take responsibilities and stands for it…they believe in analyzing the things rather then criticizing and to me this third type of people are most reasonable…this is the quote which I just heard from one of the most unreasonable person(he calls himself one)
“There are two types of people in this world: reasonable and unreasonable
Reasonable succeed by adjusting himself to the surroundings and the unreasonable succeed by adjusting his surroundings to himself”, its your call whom you want around you reasonable or unreasonable…


Blogger Shaks said...

we are reasonable from our own point of view and most of the time unreasonable from others point of view.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Archana said...

Hey praveen,
I can relate to each and every line of wat u hav ritten in this blog... I know I told u this earlier too, but believe me, I logged in today jus 2 read this blog once more... n thought this is the rite time to leave a comment...After all, your view on "why it is the way it is" seemed so reasonable .... I always thought it was all about perception , but am having my doubts now... Real good blog buddy!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.. nice pic

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