Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rules of the Corporate World: Part 1(CYA)

I think this will go on for pretty long…it is just the beginning…the bad bad corporate world…as people say…I don know whether its bad or good but ya it exists for sure…and no doubt its hell different then whatever world we can see…it has been 2 months on my job…ups and downs…but now slowly getting into the groove…be a part of it…so what’s the first lesion(both theoretically and practically) I learnt… “CYA”… for the few who didn’t understand this refers to “Cover your Ass” and believe me this has to be done day in and day out to survive…Ofcourse it doesn’t mean that you make mistakes and then cover it up…that will be suicidal… CYA is used in much wider context…beyond the understanding of the lesser mortals…As far as I understand it refers to not making a mistake and then covering up so that neither your probable mistake nor the mistake of any other person comes up to you…your a#$ should always be covered…come what may…ofcourse its easier said then done…to be a pro in CYA you need experience…you should always try that your CYA does not let things fall on somebody else(I am a good boy) but then it’s a bad bad corporate world and sometimes you can’t help it…haan and like most of the things the basic funda of doing CYA is that nobody should know that you are doing CYA…it should be as natural as possible…so Happy CYAing….


Blogger rt said...

oye CA yeh tumne Y bhi addd kar liya beech mein!! but sahi hai bahut kuch seekh rahe ho!

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