Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Bucket List

Movie...after a long time...amazing movie indeed...The Bucket List...with Freeman and Nicolson this movie is nothing less then a treat...the basic theme of this movie is the things which you will want to do if you know, when you are goin to die...or rather you know that you are goin to die soon...the theme indeed is so touching and true that nobody can deny the presence of this thought somewhere in their mind, sometime during their life...even if they don know that they are goin to die soon...but all of us indeed knows that we are goin to die...and whatever time in between will always be less....always inadequate to do what you want to do before reaching the death bed where it doesn't even matter...therefore???...should everybody start preparing a bucket list right from day one...naaah!! i think it can't work that way...there can be endless things which you may want to in and day out....some within your reach...some definitely out of the reach and some for which you have to strive a little harder...try a little too much but then acheivable...hmmmm so what it should be all about...i think everyone of us should have a list(doesn't mean that i have one)...a list to do things which you always wanted to do...not because you are goin to die but because now you are alive...the whole point of having a list is to be happy and feel joyful once you can strike off something from the list...when you have done something which you were always striving...and for which you had to try that extra bit...tht extra motivation...that extra effort...that's what my list will include...all the things which i wanted to do and for which i have to try a ll too much...that's the list which matters i guess...



Blogger rt said...

good one CA!!
lucky u yaar..its not released in chennai yet :(

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