Thursday, February 15, 2007


A thought just came to my mind…How the life in the prison be…and more so when u are there for something like life sentence or so as to say till death sentence…when u know that you are going to spend some more then 20 years in a prison…that sound scary…isn’t it…everyday getting up at the same time…doing the same work…eating the same food and sleeping in the same cage on the same concrete bed all through your life…day by day…minute by minute…second by second…and counting each of it…you don’t have anybody to fall upon…you don’t have anybody to look upon…nobody expect anything from you nor do you expect anything from anybody…its just you…caged within ur body and ur body caged within the prison…just moving from one place to other on the order of somebody…and he is there as a victim of some laws and code of conduct made by some other humans who want to live a peaceful life on their couches and beds…but can they guarantee that each and everybody who is being held up in the jail are guilty…there are no innocent souls inside who are dying everyday for something which they never did…neither m passing any judgement nor m making any comments…it is the way it is…and when we are talking of double digit growth and blah blah…can’t we shed some portion to make their life more comfortable and more peacefully so that they actually come out as “responsible citizens”


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