Saturday, February 03, 2007

String Less

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna…Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama…Rama Rama Hare Hare
It cannot get a better name then this...We always keep some strings attached to us always and let these strings control us...So what is this all about? Shaks and me on the bike where just going around manipal to pass on some time... We were passing across the syndicate bank auditorium and saw some “Hare Krishna” people outside it... We both wanted to check it out...Let’s try something new, we thought...But still 15 mins left, what to do...We again went for a ride to find some unknown strings so as to say...So around 6 in the evening, we enter this auditorium and what we see...Some 15 saints from different countries (not a single one from India) chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna in few of the most innovative way…it was truly eye catching and beautiful. Even the music was so soothing to my ears...I had some very strange feelings that time...I started liking it a lot...Suddenly its class time, was wondering whether to tell Shaks for bunking the class, my first bunk in these two years…even he was wondering the same thing…so finally we decided to let loose the strings( the prof is anyways not a very strong string either)…we decided to bunk…yeppiee…m attending a full session of “satsang”…after the kirtan was over, it was the time of Swami Indradyumana to impart the knowledge…and believe me he was too good…people may call them escapist but it would took some real guts and faith to be something like this…to leave all the wordly desires and chanting the name of Lord Krishna and in the same time making others to do so…he explained the difference between the soul and the body and which one should be given more importance...He completely ridiculed the theory of evolution as propounded by Darwin putting Lord Krishna as the supreme god and Gita being the ultimate source of spirituality and knowledge a person can come across...It was so true, so as to think…we are running endlessly towards something or other and this run will never come to an end…that doesn’t mean that we should stop running …its all about the path you take…I am not explaining any further…its on the individual person, so as to see the number of strings he can break and how quickly can he do so…doing all his worldly duties and even then keeping his own soul dedicated to god won’t be a easy task though…so I sang, I danced, and I listened…may be in a different way but no less then a experience to cherish. I also bought a “Gita”…don know when will I be able to finish it but then it was a start atleast…


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